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Most homeowners will eventually have to replace their existing roof with a new one of similar or greater material.  While the investment is not a small one, a new roof can add value and curb appeal to your property.  We use only the best quality shingles, along with the best warranty available.  First Colony Roofing’s three locations in Sugar Land, Richmond, and Missouri City, TX are in the primary areas to serve the Greatwood and New Territory of Texas.

New Roof Installation

Our staff and crew go the extra mile when installing a new roof on your home. We protect the landscaping, A/C condenser units and any other equipment installed close to your home.  Also, we paint the roof jacks and flashings to match the shingles. This helps the roof protrusions blend with the color of your new shingles. There are other features that are underlying components of the install, such as Starter strips along the rakes (gables), which provides a vertical seal along with the horizontal seal on the eaves.  We use up to 6 nails per shingle, compared to most, who use the minimum of 4.  Using up to 6 nails per shingle, along with the full-perimeter starter strip provides a 130-mph wind rating on all architectural shingles.

Also, introducing proper ventilation is one of the most important things you can do while the roof deck is exposed.  We use a raised, shingle-over style ridge vent that has proven to be the most effective way to vent the attic.  We cut the decking on both sides of the ridge-beam, to allow an adequate amount of heat to escape from the attic space.  The additional ventilation in the attic space can prove to be beneficial if your air handler is in that area.  We take these extra steps because your investment is important to us.  If you’ve trusted us with your business, we value that.  Our approach is to give you the highest quality materials, coupled with the best installation methods while being affordable at the same time.  We treat every job as if it were our own house.

New Roof Options

When it’s time to replace your roof, there are many options available. There are different shingle colors and styles, such as energy star colors or designer shingles.  There is an abundance of shingle selections.  At First Colony Roofing, we attempt to assist you in making your selection.  Our understanding of shingle manufacturing methods helps us explain the strength of each manufacturer’s warranty.  We are also happy to offer our opinion on the color we find to be the most compatible with your existing exterior.

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Principles of Our Work


Fort Bend and S.W. Houston’s most seasoned Realtors, insurance agents, executives & suppliers refer our services exclusively for all types of specialty remodeling projects. We have an A+ accredited rating with the BBB.


Owner/Operator Tom Powell is a seasoned roofer and carpenter by trade with 40 years of hands-on experience (not just a salesman) and has been a “hands-on” owner for over 37+ years. He is one of the most qualified experts in the city of Sugar Land with thousands of satisfied customers.


Our crews are well educated and trained in the latest installation procedures & codes ensuring the highest standard of workmanship is shown.


With many systems in place, our teams & crews can be on time, professional & efficient to get in & out as little to no inconvenience to the homeowner.


Our products & services guarantees are the best in the industry. We support a 12-year labor & installation warranty to a 50-year roofing & siding manufacturers product warranties.